So Many Dating Search Avenues

So Many Dating Search Avenues: What to Choose?

In the old days, there were precious and few options for meeting a future spouse. Some found love through arranged marriages while others met through family and friends, or occasionally while out and about town.

Today the internet has opened the world to singles with new avenues and opportunities to find their mate. Now we can find love and compatibility online, which is the key to a successful relationship.

Yes, we can try to do it on our own, but why limit ourselves? Humans were not meant to be alone, we are social creatures, and therefore, we must NEVER give up, or risk the unacceptable alternative of living a lonely life. There is “a lid for every pot,” we just need to be patient.

My advice: Try everything! I am and having the best time of my life meeting interesting and exciting people from all walks of life. We never know when our lucky day will come, or where we will meet that special someone who will change our lives.

Today there are endless ways to meet people. We’ll explore all avenues, from online dating, speed dating, private matchmaking services to singles events and trips.

We can meet them the old fashioned way at the grocery store, or in a bar, or perhaps through more modern avenues like speed dating events, through matchmaking services or dating web sites.

First, there are many web site catering to singles and their unique needs and preferences.,,, and are full of compatible singles, while the Tinder app specializes in helping the traveler find dinner dates and companionship. Those of us approaching the golden years can turn to, or There are several websites based upon ethnicity like,, or Believers can turn to sites such as and, while the gay and lesbian community turns to and caters those of us with a more active lifestyle.

Dating sites often charge money to join, however there are a few that are free with the option to upgrade for a fee. I say sign up to all the free ones and one paid site catering to a specific need or wish. Online dating isn’t for all of us. Some need a more personal touch. Matchmaking services such as ‘It’s Just Lunch’ or other private services can be costly, but deliver personal attention and commitment to assistance in finding a mate.

Next, speed dating can be very intimidating in the beginning, but also can be a lot of fun. I know of one man who reluctantly went to a speed dating event to help a friend who didn’t want to go alone. Yet he ended up meeting a girl who has been a part of his life for years now.

Another option is meetup groups, a great alternative to meeting people based on interests, such as wine, hiking, or travel. The pressure is off since it is about having fun together with no expectations.

Finally, singles trips are the absolute best! We may not meet our soulmate, but we can meet our best friends, as I did when I went on a singles trip to Cancun. It was the best time of my life.

Many of my friends have given up, complaining that the people are not who they state in their profile, it is too consuming of both time and money, and most importantly, it is very disappointing. My answer to them: What choice do we have? Yes, finding love can sometimes be perceived like a full time job, but the payoff is very profitable.

I never get discouraged about dating because I truly love meeting new people- whether it would be for leads to friendship, or a love interest.

Have FUN, enjoy the dating journey. Because when we find ‘the one,’ it will be over, and we’ll have great stories to tell our friends. Twitter @CalanitAtia