Meet Samira Knight

Meet Samira Knight

Henry Ford once said, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.”  Las Vegas attorney and philanthropist Samira Knight is the embodiment of this quote.

For Samira Knight, hard work has become a cog in her professional wheel.  She’s a native of Las Vegas who attended Bonanza and Western High School.  During this time she also began working at Vegas PBS and writing for the Las Vegas Review Journal. Samira has persevered through difficulties to become not only the owner and partner of Tarkanian & Knight Law Group, but also an integral part of our community.

As a first generation Iranian-American and the first of her family to graduate college, Samira was raised with a sense of hard work, sacrifice, and determination by her mother, Mina, and father, Sia.  Samira’s family escaped from Iran and came to Las Vegas during the time of the Iranian Revolution to seek freedom and the American dream.  “I was lucky to be born in the United States. I did not need to fight for the freedoms that I have, my parents fought for me.  I could never be the woman I am today if I lived in Iran.  I owe everything I have and everything I am to them,” said Samira.  Carrying that torch forward, Samira has played an active role in the Las Vegas Iranian-American community.  She coordinated multiple rallies in 2009 on the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown, in support of the Green Movement.  Recently, Samira founded the Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce, Las Vegas, a nonprofit organization that connects local Iranian-American leaders with the Las Vegas business community.

Samira graduated from UNLV with a B.S. in marketing and management and a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism while working two/three jobs to support her academic endeavors.  Following the completion of her undergraduate degrees, Samira not only graduated Cum Laude and top of her class at Cooley Law School, but did so within two years.

During Law School, Samira became the vice-president of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society and the Michigan state representative for the National Sports and Entertainment Law Society.

Samira’s prior legal experience varies from the field of Sports and Entertainment, to personal injury, and family.  Samira has had the opportunity to work and intern for different firms in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  Upon returning to Las Vegas, Samira hand the opportunity to extern for then District Court Judge and now, the first Nevada Appellate Court Judge, Abbi Silver.

Prior to Law School, Samira was also the political director for then, U.S. Senate candidate, Danny Tarkanian.  This political relationship developed into a friendship and different business relationships over the years, which led to the opening of Tarkanian & Knight Law Group, LLC.  Tarkanian & Knight is a general practice law firm that primarily focuses on family law, criminal defense, business transaction and personal injury.  Samira and Danny have created an environment that strives to make each client feel warm, safe, welcome and a part of the T & K family.

Along with starting a non-profit organization within the growing Iranian-American Community in Las Vegas, Samira also volunteers each week to teach a course on personal growth and positive thinking at the Shade Tree, a local shelter for women and children.  Along with personal growth and positive thinking, Samira’s one hour course entitled, “Overcomer: Be Positive, Stay Positive,” teaches women self-reliance and gives participants a sense of direction and a strong personal foundation through discussion and provided resources.

“I enjoy helping and inspiring people, it’s part of who I am.  I believe that my experiences and accomplishments throughout life have given me a unique perspective that I can convey to others who may not otherwise be exposed to positive thinking,” said Samira.  “At the end of the day, if I can brighten someone’s day and make those around me better than the day before, then I have reached ultimate success.”