Getting SEXXY with Jennifer Romas

Getting SEXXY with Jennifer Romas

You may have seen her around town or even on TV.  Jennifer Romas has performed in many Vegas shows including: Striptease; Monster Circus Celebrity Rock Show; Splash; ICandy Burlesque; Sincity Comedy & Burlesque; and Femme Magique.  She’s worked with Cirque De Soleil, Kenny Ortega and Travis Payne (Michael Jackson’s director and choreographers), Vince Neil, Dee Snider, ESPN, Drew Carey, Sinbad and many others!  She’s also been seen on several national TV programs like: Season 4 of America’s Got Talent in the duo act ‘Sexy and Dangerous’ which made Top 15; Rock Of Love; and was the dance instructor for Las Vegas Showgirl Boot Camp on VH-1.  This is only a (very) short list.

MV Magazine caught up with Jennifer and asked what first brought her out to Las Vegas?  She said, “To be honest, I wasn’t even planning on coming here.  I was performing with the world-renowned Gus Giordano Jazz Dance Company out of Chicago and had visited LA… on a whim, my friend and I decided to move there and that’s what the plan was.  We were driving from Minnesota to LA and we stopped in Las Vegas during the trip.  Randomly, I auditioned for an open call here in Vegas… got the part and have been here since 1997.”

Jennifer recalls, “My very first job was called “Exposed” down at the old Union Plaza Hotel… so my very first show in Vegas was topless.  My parents almost fell into their graves!  At first, it was kind of hard to find work due to my body type- I had a very athletic, muscular frame- not the typical showgirl type for that time.”  But that never stopped her.  She says, “My career has taken some turns, but has progressed quite well.”

A few years ago, Jennifer was seriously injured during a show.  This required her to have to focus and utilize her talents on the backend of production… not so much on the performance aspect of it all.  She connected with famed choreographer Blair Farrington who helped her “look at things from a business perspective.”  She ended up working alongside Farrington and choreographed the Britney Spears Welcome to Las Vegas press event, as well as the declared “Britney Day” at the LINQ.

Now she adds producer, director and choreographer of Vegas’ newest topless review, SEXXY, to her impressive list of accomplishments!  SEXXY was just nominated by Best of Las Vegas for “Best Adult Show,” recently having opened January 4th at the Westgate Resort Hotel.  SEXXY has received huge support from much of the entertainment community where Jennifer says, “I’m so overwhelmed by how much everyone cares.  The team and cast mates are the fueling fire behind it all.  I’m honestly blessed- truly grateful- and I just want to make this show a great experience for everyone involved!”

Almost joking, we asked Jennifer what she does in her ‘free time’ and she laughed!  “Ha! I work all of the time!  I’m not good at relaxing and not good at not doing anything.”  She has the support of her parents along with two English bulldogs named Napoleon and Rocky that help keep her grounded.  “My parents are my hugest support system- they’re always there for me!  For lack of a better phrase; they are the wind beneath my wings.  Being in a topless show- some people aren’t always open to that- but my parents moved here, are at all my shows and are wonderful, amazing people.  And they babysit my dogs for free!”

Catch Jennifer Romas in the new smash-hit, SEXXY, at the Westgate Resort Hotel, Wednesday- Sunday, 10:30pm.  Tickets and VIP packages available for 21 and older at,, or Vegas.Com.