Mr Cool

Mr Cool

Anthony Cools celebrated his 20 year anniversary in the entertainment industry this year. Although he is most known for hypnosis, Cools has had many different business opportunities over the years. These include print and billboard company- Hootie Pa Tootie, Exposed Hair Salon, show producer, bar owner as well as other ventures. Even though he is a busy entrepreneur, you can still enjoy The Anthony Cools Experience five nights a week at the Paris Hotel & Casino. Another one of his current projects is a new company called Dron3 Experts, specializing in aerial footage for the movie and television industry.

Cools moved from Canada to Las Vegas in April 2003 and is now a dual citizen. He explains that Las Vegas is the only place where the audience comes to you. Vegas enables you to make a lifestyle for yourself and create stability. He starting by working at the Stardust hotel from 2003-2004 and signed on with the Paris Hotel and Casino in 2005. Faced with criticism and a lack of support when others thought the show could never last in this city, he proved them all wrong. He transformed a daytime auxiliary check in lobby into The Anthony Cools Experience. With hard work and dedication, Anthony’s show was soon one of the most sought-after shows to see on the Las Vegas strip.

Even with the fast paced living that Las Vegas has to offer, Anthony always finds time to work with charity organizations and he says “I work with my favorite organizations whenever I can. Right now I am working with Olive Crest, an organization that helps abused, neglected, and at risk children and their families. They help by providing education, offering counseling and insuring a safe home for the families.”

In a competitive market, with hundreds of acts and activities every night to choose from, each individual show must provide a unique experience for their audience.  Five nights a week at the Paris Hotel and Casino, the “King of Sociability” offers an intimate theater to perform his shows. The high energy and comedic charm the headliner delivers has the audience screaming for more. Cools has the audience “raise a glass” and get rowdy, the more noise from the audience, the more extreme he gets.  His trademark act being the porn auditions with chairs that the hypnotized participants perform onstage for all to see, and also the unforgettable handshaking orgasm those on stage receive during the show, “Although others steal some of my bits, those are definitely my trademarks” explains Cools.

Out of thousands of performances and tens of thousands of participants, one that stands out was a night in Mississippi, recalls Cools, “A gentlemen came up on stage with a false leg and I didn’t know it at the time, and during the chair act this man took his prosthetic leg off and stump humped the chair! During the last part of the show when those on stage enjoy an unusual handshake and during the excitement of the situation, his leg flew off and landed in the front row of the audience where my assistant then had to retrieve it before we could stand him up”. Only a small taste of the hilarious events one can guarantee to experience at his shows.

On top of many other achievements in his life, Cools can now add that he has the longest running continuous hypnosis show, not only in Las Vegas, but in the world. Although the show can be different every night, one thing is certain: Anthony Cools always ends his shows on a climax.