Who Knew

 Who Knew

Q: First thing I do in the morning is…?


A: I always get out of bed before Oscar and go around to his side of the bed to applaud him. I want him always to wake up in a good mood and feel loved and important every day.


Q: One thing I like to do after my workday is…?


A: As the mayor of Las Vegas, your workday doesn’t really ever end, and whenever my cell phone rings, I’m ready to respond. This is a 24-hour town, and being mayor is thus a 24- hour job. When I do get some time, I always watch the national news, “chill out” maybe with a drink or a glass of wine, catch up on the day with my husband, speak with the rest of the family and most often end up cooking dinner for us.


Q: I wish I knew how to…?


A: I wish I knew how to sing. I am a happy person by nature and used to have a decent voice, but as I’ve gotten older, the sound is much like a scratch and so I can’t even sing in the car anymore- it’s irritating to me!


Q: A person who inspires me a lot is…?


A: You know it is not any single person who inspires me, it is several, but for different traits they each possess. I have great respect for anyone who radiates happiness, acceptance and shows an inviting and giving personality.


Q: When I leave Las Vegas I like to go to…?


A: We’ve always gone to Coronado Island off of the San Diego coastline to recharge our batteries. There is something that is very relaxing and special about being near the ocean. We always come back refreshed.


Q: On my day off I like to…?


A: I may be the Mayor of the greatest city in the world, but like so many others, when it comes to time off, it’s the household chores that await me. I always have a list of errands to take care of on my day off and for the most part I do Oscar’s as well.  I like him to relax and be happy when he’s got free time.  Obviously, there is grocery shopping, laundry to be done, sprinklers to change, outdoor lights to replace and on and on…


Q: One thing that I cannot live without is…?


A: Oscar!


Q: One of my most cherished memories is…?


A: I have so many happy memories with my family.  First was my immediate family growing up in New York City with my parents and sister.  We had a great life.  Then meeting Oscar in college, marrying and living in Philadelphia, then moving to and living in Las Vegas. I still laugh when I think back to the night Oscar had planned to give me an engagement ring. I thought something was really wrong with him for he was so nervous he had to go into the bathroom five different times before he finally pulled it together and got the job done! That happened in 1961 in Philadelphia, and it was a long but special time ago and always a cherished, happy memory.