The Magic of Equine Therapy

The Magic of Equine Therapy

By Melissa T. – Coyote Country 102.7

Since the beginning of time, horses have roamed the earth both with and beside mankind. These days, they are found everywherefrom being featured as stylish symbols on clothing, to being sung about in a country song! Bet you’ve never considered a horse working with you on your emotions or mindset, have you? Meet a new kind of therapist: he loves to gallop and enjoys his stack of hay. Yes, your new therapist could very well be a horse. 


Horses are extremely kind and compassionate, and are often the link between sickness and healing. Equine therapy(also known as equine assisted therapy) is a form of psychotherapy that helps to promote physical, occupational and emotional growth from people who suffer from a variety of issues including ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, and many others. Widely used as a form of therapy for children, equine assisted therapies all over the world have developed as a medical field and have become popular here in the United States within the last decade.


This was all a foreign concept to me until my boyfriend came home one day and said he was working on a new project involving horses. What a journey he’s had to find this groundbreaking therapy.

To talk about Marcelo Gellert, would take many pages. He’s a world-class illusionist with a Masters degree in psychology that first started performing at a very young age. After years of touring internationally, he decided to start using his magical powers for an even greater cause. I once asked him why he changed his career path. He said, “if you could shift reality and perception in the world around you, would you do it just for fun or would you follow a higher calling? My idea was and always will be to use these abilities not just to entertain, but to also make a difference in people’s lives. That’s why I took a break from performing on stage and started working with disadvantaged youth to make them understand that the real magic is within themselves; and if they can understand that, nothing is impossible.”  Marcelo currently provides services as a mental health professional at Goals 4 Success here in Las Vegas. 


A typical equine therapy session involves the patient doing an activity (such as grooming, feeding or leading a horse) that is supervised by a mental health professional, often with the support of an equine therapist. While the patient does the activity, the equine therapist can observe and interact with the patient in order to identify behavior patterns and process thoughts and emotions. The goal of equine therapy is to help the patient develop needed skills and attributes, responsibility, self-confidence, problem solving skills, and more.


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