Seasonal Skin Care

Seasonal Skin Care

By Ivana Lazendic

Vegas summers are not for the faint of heart and us locals know very well just how challenging the desert heat can be on our delicate epidermis. Most of us keep sunscreen and lotions close and lather up as much as possible. If you don’t know yet, this is exactly the thing you should be doing, but you should be informed about what you’re buying.

It seems that every beauty brand and celebrity out there have their own line of skin care products that claim to be “revolutionary” and “anti-aging”. They make all sorts of promises in terms of results and protection but fail to acknowledge the toxic ingredients used that actually may harm your skin and your health in the long run. Here is what you should consider before you stock up on sunscreen:

Most commercial sunscreen products contain a toxic ingredient called Oxybenzone; its main purpose is to block UVB rays only. Did you know that UVB rays are in fact good sunrays, which supply us with the much-needed vitamin D? I encourage anyone to produce official evidence that over-exposure to the sun causes skin cancer; in fact they will see that there is plenty of evidence proving the contrary – we need the sun to fight cancer!

Oxybenzoneeasily penetrates the skin and enter the blood stream, which can mimic or disrupt natural hormone production and this can cause several health issues including breast and other cancers.

Another dangerous ingredient found in almost all commercial sunscreen is RetinylPalmitate, which is a type of a synthetic vitamin A. While it is usually listed as an “inactive ingredient”, a 2009 government study had found that when it is applied to skin during sun exposure, it actually could speed up the development of skin lesions and tumors.

For all natural sunburn protection, without harmful chemicals, opt for Badger Healthy Body Care products. They may cost a little more, however, it’s worth every penny.

When it comes to skin lotions and moisturizers, beware of anything containing parabens or alcohols and ingredients you cannot pronounce. Parabens are chemical preservatives used in almost all cosmetics and in January of 2012 Journal of Applied Technology published a comprehensive studyof women who have breast cancer found parabens in nearly 100% of cancerous breast tissue.

For safe and highly effective lotions try brands such as Alba Botanica® or Avalon Organics; these brands use high quality ingredients that will leave your skin feeling amazing and will not cause any harm and as with anything else, please research before you buy.