Keep Your Workout Cool

Keep Your Workout Cool

By Marie Mortera

An escape from the summer heat doesn’t have to be far. In fact, Southern Nevada offers many places to get away, and get in a good workout at the same time. I have the honor of working with a few workout enthusiasts who manage to keep their cool. Nicki Gatlin, our weekend newscast director, plays ice hockey. For her, working up a sweat means layering on thick padding and braving an icebox.

For those looking to incorporate ice into a workout routine, she shares a few tips: “work mostly on skating skills, including balance, speed and agility. Many hockey players and figure skaters do what is called “dry land” training, Plyometrics or jump training to help with agility. Drills help with hand/eye coordination and having a resistance routine focusing on coretrength.  Hockey and figure skating is based around your core because it helps with balance and stability on the ice.”

When you’re actually on the ice, she says “consider doinga warm up of skating slowly around the rink, but pick up speed, then switch to skating backwards.” 

Heading to the rink is one way to keep cool and fit, even with scorching temperatures. As always, check with your physician before attempting any new exercise.