How Working Out Saved A Life

How Working Out Saved A Life

By Meghan Leigh

It was the summer of 2012, and I recall Alec bouncing down the stairs to the kitchen, eager to go to the gym. At the time, he was very thin, pale and had only just begun working out and eating healthy.  As excited and happy as he seemed, I would never have guessed that just a couple of months prior he had given up a plethora of hard-core addictions. These included prescription pain pills, ecstasy, heroin, sleeping pills, cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana. The more friends he lost to drugs, the more he realized something had to change. On the day of June 3, 2012, his father, author of “Interrupt the Pattern”, took 17 year old Alec under his wing and required him to change his drug habits into healthy eating habits and working out every day. Alec recalls it as being his “second chance at life.”

Now Alec is completely drug free…quitting everything cold turkey. He’s competed in four different men’s physique competitions, placing first in three classes and second in two – all within a year.

If you have unhealthy habits and addictions, Alec’s advice is to replace those old habits with positive, rewarding ones. Get around people who support you and have the same standards and goals. Energy will always flow where attention goes. Since the summer of 2012 Alec has developed a strong passion to help others who struggle and guide them on a path to leading a healthier life. He found his calling at a very young age.

I say if Alec can quit heroin cold turkey, you can change your unhealthy lifestyle as well! Make this summer great!