Taking the Guesswork out of Mother’s Day

Taking the Guesswork out of Mother’s Day

By Katie Bencze

Most of us have grown up with a Mother’s Day in our memory. Mother’s Day actually has a very long and winding history, definitely worth a read if you have time. From Greek goddesses, to religion, to a woman’s gratitude to her own mother, Mother’s Day has been acknowledged across the globe for centuries. But in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared it a national holiday and made it a real obligation here in the United States. So now, exactly 100 years later, how far have we come? What is Mother’s Day today?

When I started this article I couldn’t really say the phrase without rolling my eyes. To me, it seemed like the holiday had become just another catchphrase to sell more crap. I was in the middle of a similar tirade with my husband regarding Valentine’s Day when, to my surprise, he stepped up to defend the traditions. He simply said: “It’s not about the gifts or the advertising…it’s just about remembering. We can appreciate someone every day, but we usually forget to say it. This day reminds us to do that.” Leave it to my soft-spoken (yet very manly) husband to put things into perspective. Through all the commercials, fliers, bling that is spread across the media, there is no denying that we need to remember mom. As a mom now, I can agree.

When I took this “mom job” 6 years ago, like most, I was not in it for the glory and certainly not for the money! But I admit that a little hug, a thank you and some over all appreciation can go a long way. To me, Mother’s Day is that on a larger scale. It’s the day we get to ask for something selfi sh without feeling guilty. Flowers are nice, but most moms I talk to prefer something more personal. So to all the families out there, take a moment to fi nd out what mom wants. Besides, you know her best. And to all the moms, don’t be afraid to ask for it, whatever “it” is to you. So with that in mind, I’d like to submit the following letter:

To My Wonderful Family on Mother’s Day:

I know you love me and I love you. The flowers you buy are beautiful. The breakfast in bed is sweet, too. For year’s you have guessed the best way to show your appreciation and I applaud your efforts. However, I think it’s time that I am honest about what I really do and don’t want for Mother’s Day: For starters…I want to pee alone. I want to get a full night’s sleep and I don’t want anyone waking me up until I get up myself. I want a long uninterrupted bubble bath. With candles…and wine. I want to spend some time with all of you (after I wake up of course). I want to hear what our house sounds like with no one else in it, but only for an hour or two. I don’t want to worry about rules or discipline. I don’t want to cook, clean or do laundry. I don’t want to take anyone anywhere unless it involves something fun for the whole family. On this day I want our house to be a no whining zone. I want a back rub from Daddy without him expecting more. I want to stay in my PJs without being judged. I want to eat whatever I want at any hour. I don’t want to make any decisions, big or small. Go ask Daddy. You pick the breakfast, lunch and dinner. I just want to eat. And I want to laugh, a lot. I want tons of kisses and tackle hugs. I would love a homemade card, not a store bought one. I want to take a nap in the middle of the day. I want to be flexible and unplanned. I want to change my mind repeatedly. I want you to say thank you and mean it. And most of all, I want you to know that even though I will selfishly enjoy this day for me, I realize that this day would mean nothing without you. I love you all.

Love, Mom