Spring Forward

Spring Forward

By Chris Tamura

Here are some helpful tips on how to be noticed when a promotion is available:

  1. Credentials can be an employee’s best friend.

Before the manager evaluates your shining personality, they will first review your qualifications. Obtaining industry credentials are critical to allowing yourself to be competitive. Continuing your education also shows a motivation and passion towards moving forward within your organization. If there are certificates, certifications, diplomas or degrees that are pertinent to your industry, research the return on investment. It may take you much farther than expected.

  1. First in, last out.

How your managers perceive you is imperative in their analysis about your potential to be promoted. If you get to work early and leave later, there is a greater chance to be noticed. Many people are unwilling to put in the extra time that it takes to get noticed. If you are the first one in and last one out, you could be singled out for your hard work and effort.

  1. Save a puppy or walk 3 miles.

Many companies have opportunities to volunteer in charitable events or activities that are outside of the normal work duties. If you can, attend every run, drive or party that is supported by the company. Your willingness to participate will allow your managers to feel comfortable in counting on you when needed. This extra commitment does not go unnoticed. If there are picture opportunities, smile and say cheese in all of them! As your exposure increases, so do your chances of moving up.

  1. Can you bake cupcakes?

Birthdays, anniversaries and awards are a very special day to most. Baking cupcakes or making a special treat is usually always remembered. The little act of kindness could lead you towards the top of the list when making a promotion decision based on character and kindness.

  1. When in doubt, wash your boss’s car.

Car washes are really not necessary. Try to be accessible and reliable to your managers at all times. Being open and willing to do any tasks within reason is a huge plus.