Pin-Up Bride: Deborah James

Three and half years ago, Deborah James started a business as an event planner during a struggling economy.  With only three clients and the support of a loving husband, she took a leap of faith and left her secure position at the Venetian Hotel to embark on a new adventure.


At first glance, it doesn’t appear that this modern day pin-up fits the typical mold of a wedding planner (or the wedding industry).  Deborah James, also known as “Ms. Pin-Up”, pushes the limits of most people’s comfort zones and loves to stand out in a crowd.  Deborah is the founder, event stylist, and planner of The Pin-Up Bride:  Las Vegas’ premiere boutique Wedding Planning and Design Company.  Known for everything from old Hollywood style, to the sexy and eccentric, Pin-Up Bride creates inspiration from each client’s vision in order to custom design luxurious weddings with a touch of naughty.


Vintage romance (with a touch of naughty) is what Deborah envisioned for her own wedding, but was disappointed with the limitations of the industry.  There was a lack of understanding as to why she wanted black lace instead of white, or pheasant feathers instead of white ribbon.  So, Deborah drew upon her artistic skills and created The Pin-Up Bride, LLC.  It was unconventional and exactly what she envisioned for her wedding planning firm:  going against the norm to assist clients that wanted to step out and be noticed on their wedding day.


Early in Pin-Up Bride’s creation, Deborah hit an unexpected bump in the road during a celebratory lunch with her husband.  An unexpected phone call quickly changed the couple’s overall excited mood to a tense one.  During the first official day of the Pin-Up Bride business, Deborah’s husband was laid off due to his company folding.  With panic in her eyes, Deborah began to worry she had made the wrong decision to leave her job and start her own company from scratch.


Months passed and funds began to dwindle.  With only a few hundred dollars left in her account, she made another leap of faith and invested $15,000.00 (of money she didn’t have) into a mentor program that would soon change her life.  After a rough first year of living paycheck to paycheck, Pin-Up Bride soon took form, and her business became a success!  By pouring her creative heart and soul into every wedding she designed, and by being true to her brand, Deborah was making her mark as a true industry original.  During a short time running her own company, Deborah mastered branding and embraced her brand so much, that she is now professionally known as “Ms. Pin-Up”.  Deborah acquired the skills necessary to embrace the fact that she was different and committed to following her dream.  Now when Pin-Up Bride enters a room, everyone knows about the company before an introduction is made.  Deborah’s sense of being an individual and breaking the wedding planner mold has set her company up for unstoppable success.


Deborah James has wowed the wedding industry and her professional peers by winning Las Vegas Bride Wedding Planner of the Year two years in a row in 2011 and 2012.  She also took the top award for Wedding Professional of the Year 2012 for her creative vision and artistic wedding design.  Designing unique weddings allowed Pin-Up Bride to grow from a small wedding planning company, to the point where it has expanded to include custom designs, exclusive décor rentals, and event photography.