Nikko Capria: #1 Entertainer in the Nation

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – except for Las Vegans’ entertainer of choice, Nikko Capria, President of NIKKO Entertainment.  In a city that bills itself as the entertainment capital of the world, Capria should be mayor, but he is in such demand he can’t stay in one place.  Capria hops back and forth from engagements in Las Vegas to his hometown of South Florida. Handsome and charismatic, what you see is what you get, regardless of the size of the venue or audience. This is just one of the secrets to his success and his constantly growing fan base. With Capria on the microphone, you can always expect a captivating performance.  He is in touch with the latest trends in music, fashion, décor and all that jazz.  He knows that partygoers want to see and hear something special – and he always delivers a heart- stopping performance. Capria often makes the audience a part of the show, whether he has them singing along with the latest Flo-Rida or to his latest single called Paradise, an upbeat, catchy dance hit with a sexy vibe. When people consider you the number one entertainer in the nation, you are more than just unique, you are a star.  Capria’s passion, honesty and mastery of all things entertainment have led him to become a top-draw wherever he performs. He is booked weeks in advance, greeted by red carpets, standing ovations, screaming women and even men of all ages claiming they have never seen anybody quite like him – and they probably never will.     Capria’s winning stage presence and good-hearted nature have brought him to dominate events, lead philanthropic endeavors and be coined today’s Michael Jackson.  While he is the life of the party and just a ball to be around, Capria has a mellow side.  He surrounds himself with the best people, from the florist to the caterer or the lighting guy and treats everyone the same.  Since his days and nights are flooded with weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, birthday bashes and nightclub performances, his personal time is precious to him and he spends it with those he cares about the most. Considering that Capria will be breaking box office records, thrilling capacity houses and making movies in years to come, you will want to track this number one entertainer down and catch him while you still can.