Marie Mortera’s talks fitness!

 An internet search for fitness finds:1) The condition of being physically fit and healthy.2) The quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task.The latter points out that fitness is more than outside appearances but our capability and commitment to live up to the role at hand. For some, that task is a jog down the street; others look beyond. A local father told me he was recently diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. He instantly vowed to change his approach to diet and exercise so he could see his children graduate from college – an event that could be a decade in the making but certainly a task he didn’t want to put off any longer. Despite the word, the TASK we choose should be enjoyable: a quick walk to a co-worker’s cubicle, an inspiring yoga class and yes, the recommended half hour of activity on most days for those without health risks. That’s where you’ll find my practice: Monday through Wednesday are interval days of resistance training and cardio; Thursdays, I may take a day off, as I teach morning yoga and a Pilates-cardio fusion class on Fridays. Saturday is followed by more yoga, and then Sunday – a free day to do whatever inspires me. A walk with a friend or a peaceful bike ride around the park.As for the father mentioned above, his children inspire him to fulfill that task – making it not really work; time with the kids, filling the definition of fitness and father. Find Marie Mortera anchoring weekday afternoons on News 3 or teaching a class at VegasHot! and Las Vegas Athletic Club.